Le marché des puces à Anduze

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Last sunday before the orage began, we had one gorgeous trés beau sunday so Charlotte and I decided to drive to Anduze to wander through the colorful marché des puces or flea market.  The clear skies pronounced the autumn colors and the atmosphere of the market was bright and upbeat.  Charlotte was intrigued with the vintage linen torchons, kitchen towels, she found for her family as presents for Noel and a pair of diminutive painted wooden clogs made in the Cevennes.  Enamored by the enameled cast iron pots with “Made in France” stamped into them by Le Cruset, I was thrilled to find an oval orange pot with lid for 5 Euros!  Soups for the winter!  I cannot pass up looking at old plates and handed the vendor a euro for a lovely one to match my mismatched collection as well as two napkin rings made of horn with wild flowers etched around them.   Admiring the colorful enameled coffee pots and remembering the painting of two blue ones I created from the photograph I took at a market in Paris in 1999, I snapped another for my cyber collection of raw material, leaving the vendor somewhat baffled but agreeable.  As the late autumn sun warmed us we strolled back to the deux chevaux parked in the shade for a picnic on the bumper en pleine air.

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1 Response to Le marché des puces à Anduze

  1. So beautiful ! So happy to see your are living the beauty you create! Robin college? A musician filled with song and light! So happy for you and thanks for sharing your prose , photos and paintings. You are amazing! loveyou and check out my website for our book, http://www.livefromtheotherside.com I co-authored a book withNola Davis who has spent 30 years in health care working with those at the edge of life. Your paintings still hang in my little cottage which is about to have a redo. love and continued light to you! hugs, Maureen

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